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Automatic 1 to 6 Color UV Container Screen Printing Equipment
Automatic 1 to 6 Color UV Container Screen Printing Equipment
Item No.:  HA-767

Automatic 1 to 6 Color UV Container Screen Printing Equipment 


1 to 6 color automatic UV screen printing machine
Print speeds reach to 4200 bottles per hour
Prints on round & oval shape cosmetics bottles
Print diameter up to Ø110mm full circle printing
Mechanical walking beam indexed
Italy electronic UV system and ALPHA-CURE brand UV lamp
Omron PLC controlled and programmable touch screen
Integrated de-ionizing and flame treating
Equipped with interlocking safety doors


The HA-767 series of precision automatic UV container screen printing machines feature a
DC motor controlled linear walking beam system that is solidly built to provide accurate color to color print
registration (±0.1mm) with print speeds up to 70 bottles per minute. Either round or oval bottles can be
placed into the optional automatic bowl feeder where they are automatically oriented and transported
into the UV cured screen printing line. Once bottles enter the HA-767 machinery they are
automatically flame treated and fed through each of the subsequent printing and UV curing stations.

The accurate color to color registration of the HA-767 series is ensured by use of a precision mechanical
cam driven indexing drive system and mechanical control of the screen printing stations. As bottles are
transported into the printing stations, they are securely lifted and held in place via a high power vacuum
transport system. The bottles are then placed into precision machined fixtures (with one-way clutch) and
they are direct driven and precisely rotated during printing. There is also a "no-part no-print" sensor which
prevents the squeegee from operating if no bottle is present in the printing station. After the bottles leave
the printing station, they are handed-off to the UV drying station where they are rotated under the UV




Round container size

Diameter: Ø10-130mm, Height: 30-260mm

Round container max. print area

L 260 x W220mm

Oval container size

R: 10-250mm, Height: 30-260mm

Oval container max. print area

L 120 x W220mm

Printing capacity

Up to 70 pcs/min

UV system

Electrical UV system, 5KW


Mechanical Driven


380V/480V 3phase 50/60Hz

Air requirement

5-7 bar


1600 KG/UNIT

Machine size(LxWxH)

Main machine: 2300x1800x1700mm
Additional modules: 2100x1800x1700mm

*Specifications are subject to change without prior notification

 Single Color Screen Printing Sample



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